Bromelton Stage 1 is up and running, trains are arriving on a regular basis delivering freight to the Logistics Hub for ongoing distribution by road and rail to other locations. With four trains arriving each week it is generating a variety of jobs and employment opportunities in the area and is the start of long term job creation in the Beaudesert region.

The Bromelton industrial development area consists of over 15,000 Hectares of land a few kilometres west of the Beaudesert township. Bromelton is destined to be Queensland’s largest transport and logistics hub that will underpin the growth in South East Queensland through the provision of integrated logistics and freight infrastructure. It has been designed and planned in collaboration with Federal, State and the Local governments to ensure it has the capacity to meet the growing demands in freight movements and will provide significant employment with-in the Beaudesert region.

The SCT Logistics video below provides an update on the opening of the initial stage of the logistics hub.


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